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Grumpy Cat Rescue can help place healthy cats that aren’t suitable as pets in environments where they can flourish, working alongside humans to control rat and mice populations. These cats can be placed successfully in barns, construction companies, breweries, and other businesses looking for inexpensive and effective rodent control. 


Our experience has shown that cats are more successful and effective when placed in pairs or groups, so multiple-cat adoptions are encouraged, but not required. 

Adopting cats for this purpose offers a safe home and better life to cats that wouldn’t otherwise be candidates for adoption, including

  • Cats who are inconsistent with using the litter box and would do well in an indoor/outdoor environment
  • Cats who react negatively to routine handling by people and would not do well as a house cat   

Cats who fit this description are often most successful when adopted in groups of two or three. Adopters must agree to provide:  

  • A warm, safe shelter like a barn or shop to keep the cat protected from the elements · 
  • ood and clean water every day · 
  • Future medical care if needed · 
  • A way to keep the cats contained for 2-3 weeks to acclimate to new surroundings  

Ear Tip Recognition Program

These working "employee" cats can easily be identified by Animal Control and others.

Win - Win

These animals give back in so many ways...  So many stories to share about how these grumpy cats have been such a win for those who adopted them...


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